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We are designing  surfaces for Your Entertainment

Music Concerts. Club Parties. Home Events and Interior Upgrade.
Mix your Venue with Art. More Polyform to Extend Surfaces!


Polyform Project

Our project was developed by Alexander Kuiava / LIME ART GROUP in the center of Europe / Austria, Vienna,  and produced by PaperTown, our Production Partner.

We have created Polyform to add exclusive creative surfaces to your events for Visuals, VJ art performances. We want to save your Time with build & setup of stage decorations and bring more lights to our venues. You can create the projection surface of Your dream easier than before with Polyform. Manipulate with objects and create the best key visuals for your audience!

Mapp Surface. Act Light. Create Art.

How many artists arrogantly refuse to be ordinary men!
Yet this very ordinariness might have been enough to give them the authentic talent they could never have achieved without it.
Albert Camus.


This project is developed solely by Vjs and for Vjs. We will design new forms especially for you request’s in the nearest future.


If your have an exclusive event, we’ll make the special offer for you in the framework of Polyform Objects. Exclusive Design – for Exclusive Events.


We are looking for resellers and distributors in North and Latin America on mutually profitable conditions..

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