Take a Look Inside Sweden’s Fabulous IceHotel

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Under the Arctic Skin by Rob Harding & Timsam Harding. All photos by Asaf Kliger, courtesy of the Ice Hotel

Every year, 200km north of the the Arctic Circle, Sweden’s ICEHOTEL rises anew, snow and ice forming its main building blocks. In addition to regular rooms, this year also features also 19 “art suites” designed by artists from around the world, including Dutch designer Wouter Biegelaar and stylist Marjolein Vonk. Perhaps the highlight of the hotel, which was built for the first time in 1989, is a Church of snow, which was designed by the Dutch duo Edith van der Wetering and Wilfred Stijger.

The cheapest room costs just over €250 per night. Check out more pictures from the ICEHOTEL below:

Show Me What You Got by Tjåsa Gusfors & David Andrén

Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison’s Love Capsule. 

Live Your Time by Jose Carlos Cabello Millan & Javier Alvaro Colomino Matassa

Eye Suite by Nicolas Trboulot & Cedric Alizard

Eye Suite by Nicolas Trboulot & Cedric Alizard

Cesare’s Wake by Petros Dermata & Ellie Souti

The Flying Buttress by AnnaKatrin Kraus & Hans Aescht

For more information on booking your stay at the ICEHOTEL, click here.

A version of this post originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands. 

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